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Ophthalmologist and Plastic Surgeon-formulated for Styes, Chalazions and Blepharitis. All-Natural, Fast-Acting.


  • GIVE YOUR EYES THE BEST! Natural and powerful ingredients. Colloidal silver, a natural antimicrobial. Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3. Arnica and Calendula, natural homeopathic remedies.

  • TESTED CLINICALLY to assist in the treatment of styes, chalazions, and eyelid inflammation.  Cruelty Free. 

  • PROPRIETARY FORMULA with unique combination of ingredients to address the main cause of styes. Differs from all other stye remedies on the market.

  • OPHTHALMOLOGIST-DESIGNED to reduce appearance of styes, and prevent new lesions from occurring.

  • EASY AND SAFE TO APPLY. Put one drop on cotton tipped applicator or finger. Massage on eyelid lesion, or on area of redness, swelling and inflammation. Use up to four times per day. Use only on eyelid skin. Do not apply directly to eye.

Customer Reviews

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Kathy L

It works!

Highly Recommend! It really works!

I have had a stye for 8 months and went to four different eye doctors. I have tried medicated eye drops and ointments, everything over the counter from wipes, cleansers, eye masks, and vitamins/fish oils. I also had three steroid injections and nothing worked.

I went to Dr. Brazzo and he had me try this solution, after about a week and using the solution about 5 times a day, I noticed for the first time in months my stye reduce in size. It has been a month now and my stye is almost completely gone!

I cannot believe that I found something that has finally worked. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this product.

I highly highly recommend this product!!

Christian R.
Great product

I’ve seen Dr. Brazzo a few times and StyeRx works incredibly well. I find it works best when it’s rubbed gently into the outside of the eye lid. Overall works really well to prevent and get rid of styes

Benjamin Sander
My daily eyecare routine w/ StyeRx

I apply one drop of StyeRx each morning & evening to both upper eyelids using my ring fingers, always after applying warm compresses (and a short drying period). StyeRx feels wonderful on my eyelids, improves the appearance of blemishes, plus acts as a defense mechanism against recurring ones; My eyelids feel protected all day long, invulnerable to flareups.